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Divorce – Marital & Separate Property

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Divorce and the Marital Home

Divorce – Dividing Investments and the QDRO

Grandparent’s Rights

Children’s Rights

Mother’s Rights

Father’s Rights

Divorce & Physical Custody of your Children

Divorce & Legal Custody of Your Children

Divorce & the Parenting Plan

Child Custody & Visitation Overview

Divorce or Separation?

Divorce & Separation | The Three Key Issues

An Overview of the Divorce Process

Divorce – Ending Your Marriage


Overview of the Divorce Process

A very simplified version of what you’ll go through during your divorce is: One party files for divorce, the other spouse responds; you both negotiate over the property, custody and support, and 6 months to a year later, your marriage is officially dissolved.

But, of course, there are many important details and decisions to consider throughout the process and that’s why getting a skilled and experienced attorney to help you through this complicated maze can be the difference between satisfaction and disappointment.

Getting married is one of life’s big decisions and while ending your marriage can be disruptive and even traumatic, your objective at this point is to put yourself in position to enter the next phase of your life on a solid foundation.

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