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Divorce – Ending Your Marriage


Divorce: Ending Your Marriage

Few events in life hurt as much as the breakup of a relationship, a marriage and a family. Emotionally, it can be very traumatic to separate from one you have loved and worked to build a life together, believing it would last.

But when relationships end, tending to your emotions isn’t the only challenge. The law gives special sanction to marriage, including a host of benefits. The law also extends to the end of a marriage, at which point it must untangle all of those accumulated benefits.

The breakup of any relationship usually finds you at a rather vulnerable and intemperate point in your life. Everything related to that relationship becomes magnified and intensified. Sometimes, having the ability to make calm decisions about your future may seem impossible. Worse, making decisions in the heat of the moment can have catastrophic consequences with regard to custody, property and support.

If you find yourself contemplating the end of a marriage or suddenly thrust into the end of a marriage, you should seek legal counsel immediately. A decision of such significant impact requires the best advice, advice only an experienced and skilled family law practitioner can provide.

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