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Divorce – Marital & Separate Property

Divorce & Marital Debts

Divorce and the Marital Home

Divorce – Dividing Investments and the QDRO

Grandparent’s Rights

Children’s Rights

Mother’s Rights

Father’s Rights

Divorce & Physical Custody of your Children

Divorce & Legal Custody of Your Children

Divorce & the Parenting Plan

Child Custody & Visitation Overview

Divorce or Separation?

Divorce & Separation | The Three Key Issues

An Overview of the Divorce Process

Divorce – Ending Your Marriage


Divorce or Separation

When you and your spouse choose to end their relationship, you can do so in a temporary or permanent fashion. The permanent method, the dissolution of marriage or divorce, means that the two of you believe the marriage is irretrievably broken and cannot be preserved. The temporary method, the legal separation, means that two of you think it’s best to live apart but the possibility of salvaging the marriage remains. In either case, the legal issues relating to custody, property and support remain the same, and you must act quickly to assert and protect your interests.

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