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Divorce – Marital & Separate Property

Divorce & Marital Debts

Divorce and the Marital Home

Divorce – Dividing Investments and the QDRO

Grandparent’s Rights

Children’s Rights

Mother’s Rights

Father’s Rights

Divorce & Physical Custody of your Children

Divorce & Legal Custody of Your Children

Divorce & the Parenting Plan

Child Custody & Visitation Overview

Divorce or Separation?

Divorce & Separation | The Three Key Issues

An Overview of the Divorce Process

Divorce – Ending Your Marriage


Divorce & Separation – Three Key Issues to Resolve

The process of going through a divorce can be very challenging and whether you’re going through an Uncontested or a Contested Divorce, there are three areas that need to be settled: Custody, Property and Support. The court will use a variety of information to determine fair and equitable outcomes in each of these important areas.

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